All About Thai Food

Thai food is extremely popular throughout the world for a very good reason: this type of cuisine is tasty, satisfying, and entirely easy to prepare. Our mission is to provide you with a large range of yummy Thai recipes, so that you can learn to cook and enjoy Thai food as much as we do.

Most of the recipes you find on our site are easy to prepare, though great Thai food can only be prepared with excellent ingredients. Make sure to purchase the freshest ingredients that you can find before you begin to prepare any of our recipes. You’ll quickly discover that fresh ingredients combined with a winning recipe are the key to Thai food success.

Thai food has to be cooked quickly, with plenty of heat (both spice and temperature) and it is best shared with friends and family. Whether you are eating Pad Thai or Tom Yum Goong, take time to savour the complex flavours and textures and be sure to send us feedback!

North South East and West

Many people have only been exposed to a Westernised version of Thai food. This food is often dull, flavourless and boring in comparison to the incredible flavours that Thailand's greatest export provides. It should also be remembered that Thailand is a large country with cool mountain ranges in the north that border Laos and Burma to the tropical islands of the south. With such diversity in environment, comes diversity in food. One type of Thai food doesn’t exist. Thus, recipes enjoyed in one part of Thailand may not be popular in another part of Thailand. Thai recipes can be broken down according to region including:
  • Central Thailand
  • Southern Thailand
  • Northern Thailand
  • North-eastern Thailand
Thai food that comes from the south of Thailand is heavily influenced by Indian cuisine, and many of these recipes include coconut milk, curry, and tend to be sweeter. North-eastern Thai cuisine tends to use heavier flavours, interesting ingredients like bamboo shoots and fermented cabbage. Northern Thailand has food that has been heavily influenced by its neighbouring Burmese and curries are dryer, flavours earthier and sticky rice is a key player! 

We will endeavour to explore the incredibly diverse flavours of Thailand and give you plenty of interesting background information about the cuisine, the history and the ingredients of course.